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Unless you plan on freezing your toes off, summer is the best time to visit Mongolia. Late summer (mid-July to late August) is optimal as there will be sufficient rainfall to make the steppes lush and green. September is also a decent month in Mongolia, but by October things are getting a bit chilly.

Winter arrives for good in November and you’ll need a couple hundred layers of clothing to keep you toasty until February. Fortunately, there isn’t much wind or snow so you can still get around pretty easily. As long as you are bundled up good you’ll be fine. It’s really the extremities you need to worry about. Bring a big pair of mittens, a wool hat and a scarf. It can be really hard to keep your feet warm if you have to stand outside for more than an hour. Locally made Buriat books work OK, or bring some Sorels from home (and thick socks).

If the anti-Christ were a season, it would be a Mongolian spring. Its definitely the worst time in Mongolia. Its a windy, dusty, depressing nightmare that seems never-ending. It’s real Man vs. Nature stuff, but if you are simply a traveller looking to enjoy Mongolia, this may not be the best time. If you have no choice its still OK to travel in March and April, but if possible, try to plan your visit for after Naadam.

May is a crap shoot, you could get snow early in the month but things will be warming up in the last 10 days or so. June is warm but still not optimal. The landscape is still a little brown and the grass thin. Naadam is a good time to arrive (if you can get a flight or train ticket) but definitely see the festival outside UB. As stated early, late July and August are great.

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