Border Crossing

Ulaanbaatar (Central Mongolia) International Via Air

Sukhbaatar (Northern Mongolia) to Russia Via Train
Altanbulag (Northern Mongolia) to Russia Via Road
Ereen-Tsav (Eastern Mongolia) to Russia Via Road
Tsagaannuur (Western Mongolia) to Russia Via Road

Zamin Uud (Southern Mongolia) to China via Train / Road
Bulgan (Western Mongolia) to China Via Road

Tips & Advices

  • Mongolia border crossing points are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (Lunch break 12 – 2pm).
  • No crossing by foot. You can pay / hitchhike (rarely) to get across.
  • Obtain your Mongolian Visa before entry.
  • When using trains for border crossing at Sukhbaaatar and Zamin Uud – there will be a delay for the authorities to change the train wheels.
  • At Russian border posts, paperwork is highly scrutinized. If you are traveling in and out of Russia make sure that you get the required customs declaration form, and ensure that it is stamped. If you fail to do this, you stand to lose all of your currency and high value possession when you try to leave the country. Russian border officials may be quick to dismiss the need for this document, but you must insist that you get the paperwork and the stamp. Thousands of tourists get hammered this way every year.
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