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Question: I read that most of the tours around Monglia will be using a 4 x 4. What is the general comfort level of these jeeps? I am six feet tall, over 150 pounds and had a back injury from playing competitive sports many years ago, thus worried about sitting in a 4×4 for too long a period.

Answer: Hi there. Most of the time, the 4 x 4 will be a Soviet made Van! Having sat in a few before, i can say the comfort level isn’t that great. However, most of the problems are caused based on the conditions of the “roads”, be prepared for many bumpy rides!

If possible, try to arrange a tour with lesser people (max 4), thus you have more leg space to stretch out. Or alternatively, take the front seat … but often in tours, people will rotate this seat due to the comfort level and of course the better views from it!

The reason for using a 4×4 is that there are no real roads after Ulaanbaatar, often the driver will switch to having power to all four wheels to get across muddy condition or up slopes.

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