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Question: Hi, i be going to Mongolia in a couple of months time, I am looking for a tour operator that can help organize this trip. I saw many tour operators’ websites online, how do i know which one to trust? Can you list out some popular tour operator, that provide great customer service? Thanks.

Answer: There are many tour operators operating in Mongolia, and plenty to choose from depending on your travel itinerary. There are some that specialize in ger to ger hiking, fishing hikes or even mountaineering hikes! A good place to start is to check their reviews online via Tripadvisor or Lonely Planet, but do read the reviews with a pinch of salt, you never know whether the reviews are from actual customers or ….

If you have 1 or 2 extra days available, i will strongly suggest getting to Ulaanbaatar, have a talk to the tour operators before deciding on the package!

For those common routes, basically every tour operator offers the same thing – a driver, a guide and a van. The cost per person (varies according to the number in the group) is very similar too, due to the competitiveness in this industry.

When choosing a tour operator, do ask about what accommodation you will be provided. For example, larger tourist ger camps usually have shower facilities, a bar/restaurant and furnished gers. Guesthouses and some smaller tour operators stay at small family owner gers. These are more intimate and would provide a greater insight into the traditional herding way of life – but do not always have a shower and sometimes have just a simple mattress on the floor. Not all tour operators will offer camping as an option.

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