How to get Mongolia Visa in Beijing China


I am holding a British passport, and will like to get my Mongolian visa from China Beijing.


Hi there! This applies to all nationalities getting a Mongolia visa in Beijing. There are 3 Mongolian embassies in China (Beijing, Hohhot and Erenhot). The Beijing Mongolia Embassy opens at 8.30am-11am for visa applications, do try to be there early, as the waiting time will be long! The visa will be valid for 30 days, for longer stay you need an invitation letter. Bring enough money or your cash card to pay for your visa (I think its 270rmb-495rmb for all nationalities, unless your exempt) as once the service assistant has taken your passport, he will give you a piece of paper which directs you to a specific Bank of China and ask for you to pay for your visa there. The service assistant will normally quote you a price of 495rmb for the next day service, however if you don’t need the next day express service, tell them as the fee is 270rmb otherwise (note that the regular 5 day service doesn’t include the day that you submit your passport so if you submit it on a Monday expect to receive it back the following Monday).

Please note that the waiting area is located outside the building, so have an umbrella prepared!

Getting there: The embassy is in Xiu Shui Beije street between subway stations Jianguomen and Yonganli. Nearest subway is Jianguomen located on subway line 1 and 2, leave exit B and then just ask for directions

Address: Mongolian Embassy 100600 No.2, XiuShui Beijie, Jian Guo Men Wai Bejing, China
Phone: 86-10-65321203, 86-10-65321810
Fax: 86-10-65325045

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