is february a good time to visit

Question: Always wanted to go to Mongolia, however the only time i can do is in the February period! I heard that it is winter time, and the weather conditions are HARSH. Are there much to do during this period of time in Mongolia? Thanks

Answer: Hi there. Yup, you are right about the weather conditions during February in Mongolia, the temperature are below freezing …. often hitting the -10 to -20 regions. You will need adequate winter clothes just to be able to get out in town! The tourists population will be very LOW during Feb, alot of tourist facilities will thus be closed! However, there are several attractions and festivals that’s only available during this period! The Tsagaan Sar (white month) falls during Feb, and there will be a lot of celebrations around! The thousand camel festival and Ice festival @ Khovsgol lake are also key attractions during this time!

Indpendent travel is not advisable for Feb, you should really get contact with tour agencies and let them plan out the itineraries, since travelling around this period of time will be very hard.

Be warned that , smog level in Ulaanbaatar is also at one of the worst during winter times.

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