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I am looking at traveling to Mongolia during my stay in Russia, but that idea scared some of my family members off. Mongolia is one of the places that I’ve always wanted to visit and I am planning to go ahead with the trip. Is it safe to travel alone in Mongolia> I am a 24 year old female Taiwanese.


Hi there. I know a Malaysian girl who have been travelling alone to Mongolia for a couple of times last yr (2011), she mentioned all she used it the Lonely Planet Guide book, which will be really useful to have!
Mongolians are beautiful and respectful people..along the way you will meet many people from the guest house or your hostel (well depends where you stay) you can alway share the tour with others and never feel alone…

When i was in Mongolia, i stayed at Khongor Guesthouse, they both fanstatic! It will be easy for you to arrange a trip to venture outside UB with other likeminded travellers. Keep a look out on those noticeboards at guesthouses looking for more people to join a tour!

If you take the tour,the guide will take good care of you…and you don’t have to worry about anythings at all…

Just be aware (not paranoid) of pick pockets in Ulaan Baatar (crowded areas such as Peace Avenue, bars, buses and markets especially). Sometimes alcohol can cause a problem. But, these issues apply to a lot of othe countries as well.

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