Is January a good time to visit Mongolia

Question: Will be on board the trans siberian train sometime between December and January, thinking of stopping in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar for a short visit! Not too sure about the condition of the region during January, will there be much to see or do at this period of time?

Answer: Hi. The Trans Siberian – Mongolia is definitely a great journey during that period of time, you be able to soak in the atmosphere with the locals, enjoy the culture. However for touring around Mongolia and Ulaanbaatar during January, i will advise against it.

The tourist transportation infrastructure is closed during the winter months, you will not have much options to travel around. And of course, the weather conditions here will be very harsh. Air pollution within Ulaanbaatar city will be bad as well, the entire city will be mostly covered by smog due to the excessive wood / coal burning from the surrounding ger district and power stations!

However if you just want to spend 2/3 days in Ulaanbaatar, the city sights will still be open, the museums etc. Nearby trips to the national parks (Khustain & Gorkhi Terelj) can be arranged. But do take note that MOST of the travel agencies will be closed at this period of time (low tourists season), so it might be better to make arrangement before heading over to Mongolia.

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