Train Travel Experience Ulaanbaatar, Choir, Sainshand, Zamyn Ude

Question: Hi there. I will like to have a train travel experience in Mongolia. I read alot about the Trans Siberian Express, but what are the other local train choices I have? Are there any trains that go from Ulaanbaatar to Dalandzagad?

Answer: Welcome to Mongolia! The local train is used mainly by the locals, and I’m sure it will be a great travel experience. If you are planning to do a cross border on the train, taking a train between Ulaanbaatar & Zamyn Ude (China border) will be a good choice!

There’s no train service south to Dalanzagad – Mongolia train system follows the route of the Trans Siberian Train
southbound you can stop at Choir, Sainshand and Zamyn Ude
northbound you can stop at Darkhan, Erdenet

However do note that it will be hard to travel around to major tourist attractions, even after you reach the train stations.

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