Ulaanbaatar Internet Connection

You won’t need to worry about getting an Internet connection in Ulaanbaatar. There are Internet cafes everywhere; they cost around $1 per hour to use. Many are equipped with printers, scanners and head-sets (for making internet phone calls). If you have a skype out service this makes telephone calls fairly easy. There is a good, easy to find Internet cafe south of the State Department Store, next to the Emerald Bay restaurant. Another good Internet café is located in the Central Post Office. In the countryside, you can usually find an Internet cafe at the Telephone center of provincial capitals.

If you have a laptop, you can use WiFi at a number of hotels, restaurant and cafes. Try it at Michele’s French Bakery, Narya Café, or The French Restaurant.

The main Post Office has an international phone room for making calls. But an easier way to make calls is to bring a cel phone and install a local SIM card. Signing up for a local service costs $15 and you buy minutes as needed. You can get a card at the MobiCard office in the post office or in the State Department Store. Cel phones work in most aimag provinces. Many internet cafes also have cheap VoIP calls for about 100 tugrik a minute so the US or UK.

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  1. Naidan says:

    If you’re paying anywhere near $1 per hour for internet, they’re ripping you off. The most expensive I’ve seen is around 50 cents. Also, signing up for a phone here is like $3, everything you spend after that should just be for minutes. If you paid $15, most of that went to the salesman’s pocket.

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