Visas for Onward travel to China and Russia

Visas for China are relatively easy to obtain from the embassy in UB. Its over by the university on Bag Toiruu. A single entry visa costs $30 and it takes a week to process. Pay in US dollars. The lines here can sometimes be long so queue up before it opens.

Russian visas and headaches are synonymous. Red tape is just part of the whole Russian experience so you might as well start getting used to it as the consular office. However, it’s probably easier to get a visa here compared to Beijing. Despite all the bureaucracy, on the times that I have been into the embassy, the consular, I think his name is Dmitri, has been pretty cool. He’ll give you a card for his local hook up travel agency and tell you to come back when you’ve got your papers together. Sadly, its pretty much impossible to get a visa for longer than 21 days, which isn’t much to explore a huge friggin country like Russia.

The agent will may require pre-paying up front for hotels and train tickets. But if you ask nicely they may just hook you up with a letter of invitation (LOI) at a reasonable cost. Once the invitation is prepared it takes a couple of days to process the visa (the actually cost of the visa can range from $25-200. Oh, the name of the agent you’ll probably work with is Legend Tours (tel: 315 158). Look out for hidden costs.

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